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Easy Approval Credit Cards Offering Instant Approvals for Individuals With Poor Credit Scores – Credit Cards to Help You Rebuild Credit

A common misconception is that bad credit doesn’t allow you to obtain any type of credit card. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually a number of easy approval cards that you may be eligible for, even with little or bad credit. Credit Cards in this category are categorized into two separate groups, unsecured cards and secured credit cards.

Both options are made available for people with questionable or faulty credit history and scores. No matter what card you end up choosing, make sure to do careful research to help you understand which card will best suit your financial needs and assist you in repairing your credit score once and for all.

Secured Credit Cards

Secured credit cards can be used once you place an initial deposit down towards the card, generally within the same range as the maximum credit amount. The amount will vary based off of your company and plan, but you can generally find cards with max-out rates with as little as $50 or as high as $1,000. These cards are generally designed and used to help individuals with corrupted credit scores to start the process of improving their credit. As one continues to make payments and build good credit with the card, the information will be recorded and then sent out to the payment bureaus helping people get back on the track of obtaining good credit.

Unsecured Credit Cards

Unsecured cards are the second route for people attempting to resolve their negative credit history. These cards generally come with significantly lower additional fees. However, when applying for these cards, many reports it can be a bit more of a difficult process and a number of people who qualify are far more limited.

The Total Visa Card

This card is well known and appreciated by many with damaged credit scores looking for quick and efficient credit redemption. The application process is basic and once submitted, takes about one minute to receive a quick approval or denial. If you are successful in gaining approval for this Card, you will be billed a small fee for initial processing. The Total Visa Card will make reports every month regarding your payments and credit status so that you can stay on the path to efficient and easy credit rejuvenation.

Primor Secured Visa Gold Card

This is a popular option for easy approval credit cards and has a low, minimum initial payment of $200. This card provides people with an outstanding APR rate of 9.99%, making this an extremely practical choice for many people trying to receive quick approval and build their credit rapidly. Another plus side to this card is that unlike many cards, there is no monthly fee. They simply charge a yearly fee of $49, making this one of the most valued opinions regarding percentage rate.

Discover It Secured Card

Like the Primor Secured card, this credit card also has a bare minimum start-up deposit of $200. However, possessing this card cost no yearly fees. It also has a respectable 23.74% fixed APR that allows you to deposit a precise amount which will then generate an equal amount of credit for you to use. As long as you continue to stay on top of your bill and pay it fully each month, using this card will give you the capability of revamping your credit by simply spending cash you would have to spend anyway throughout the month.

Build Credit Responsibly

Simply put, load the initial amount you need to spend for the month on your card, and use it throughout the month to watch your credit score soar beyond belief. The most important thing you want to remember when using this card is to ALWAYS PAY IT ON TIME. If you keep this up, you will have the opportunity to build your credit every single day while not paying a dime of interest. Credit cards can have a long and strenuous application process. More competitive cards that offer a lot of rewards and perks often require good to excellent credit scores. However, even with bad credit, there are options for you to be approved or a credit card. Easy approval credit cards offer quick approvals and are secured credit cards which allow you to be approved and pay a deposit to secure your credit line. Every credit card has an application process. They have to gather some information from you but these applications are easier and approve you if you have bad credit. Although some of these cards do not approve everyone, you have to find the cards that are offering guaranteed approval for your situation. Many of these cards are tailored to approve those with bad credit so your odds of getting approved with a low credit score are high.

OpenSky Visa Credit Card

The OpenSky Card gives everyone a chance, this is a secured card with very easy approval. This card has almost instant approval and they are dedicated to helping their customers succeed. To get approved you do not even need a credit check and the 200 refundable deposit becomes your credit line. In addition, their credit tips and social media forum help you build your credit and connect with others who may share similar credit issues and can share advice.


  • No Credit Check Needed
  • Refundable deposit becomes your credit line
  • Reports to all Major Credit Bureaus
  • Credit lines up to $2,000

The annual fee is 35 dollars with a variable APR at 18.39 percent. When you use this card make sure that you are planning to use it for small purchases and keep most of your credit on your card. Because you are building your credit again you want to make sure that you are not maxing out your credit card and that you are using this card responsibly.

Capital One Secured MasterCard

This card has flexible deposit options, which allows people working with a limited income to still start their credit line. Based on your creditworthiness you can make a security deposit of 49, 99 or 200 dollars. This allows you to be able to start your credit card with an amount that fits your budget.


  • Deposits as low as $49 on a $200 credit line
  • Easy Approval
  • Automatic credit line increase after 5 months

In addition, they designed this card for those growing their credit because they allow you to qualify for a limit increase after 5 months of consistent payments. By reporting to the three major bureaus you can be assured that with responsible use of your card your score will increase. For this account, you do need a checking or savings account or it is likely you won’t qualify.

First Access Visa Card

This card advertises there quickly online application process and that you can receive a response in a minute.
If you are approved for this card you pay a processing fee of 89 dollars, which is cheaper than most secure credit card deposits of 200 dollars to start your credit line. Your initial credit limit is 300.


  • Quick Application
  • Low Processing Fee if Approved
  • Reports to Three Major Bureaus

If you are looking for a card that you can easily qualify for and grow your score this card is a great option because of the fast processing and easy approval but it comes at a price so make sure that you have an idea of how you will be using this card prior to applying for it.

What Are The Requirements?

Many Guaranteed Approval cards have easy application processes but it comes down to the requirements needed for each card. Some require you to have checking or savings accounts with the bank issuing the credit line, and some require other things like processing fees, deposits, and annual fees. Be sure that when you are applying for a card that is guaranteed approval that you read the requirements before applying. When you have bad credit you may not have many card options but do not get discouraged by starting with a secure card with a low credit limit or unsecured card with a high APR. Look at these cards as your starting point on the way to repairing your credit. Credit reparation takes time and patience but it can be done just make sure you are not using these cards too much and carrying large balances. Always pay off what you charge at the end of the billing cycle.